About Us

What can I say, I just love linens.... Not only the feel of the fabric, but the gorgeous embroidery, and to actually use something so beautiful on a daily basis. Today there are so many embroidery options!

I think this love stems from the long line of women in my family who were constantly doing handiwork of some sort. My mother, aunts and grandmothers were never without their sewing or knitting projects at all times. I'm sure many of you can relate. I grew up with it everywhere. Every table was covered with Nana's doilies, monogrammed guest towels in the powder rooms and much of the time as a child, I wore it too! LOL  Monograms don't ever go out of style do they? ;)

Have you ever looked at some vintage linens while perusing an antique shop? The fabric and much of the embroidery is still going strong. THAT is the vision I have for every piece I create. I hand make, high quality heirlooms and want these investment linens passed down for generations.  They are meant to be used, loved and enjoyed EVERYDAY.

I do not use embroidery blanks or blended fabrics. Only 100% European linen and the highest quality threads. Every item is handmade and then carefully machine embroidered to perfection. My hope is that when you receive your order, you will instantly feel the love and care taken to create your new heirloom linens.

This shop is quite meaningful to me as my only daughter, Elizabeth, is also part of the team. Working with her daily is a pleasure and gift. Our Magnolia logo is a tribute to my grandmother, Virginia.  Her favorite tree.  And since I am now a southern transplant, I thought it would be fitting...

All of the items are tailored by myself and some wonderful stay at home moms with impeccable sewing skills. I have been sewing/tailoring my entire life. I sewed piece work at home for many years while my children were young. I LOVE being able to give that opportunity to others.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas. We love to create custom pieces! Thank you so much for visiting our shop!